Intermediate Obedience Class

Take that next step in training your canine companion. Our Intermediate Obedience class is geared to teaching you all the requirements for AKC Novice Obedience.  This class covers more advanced cues like heel, moving down, and distance recall. This class will include distractions, distance and longer durations. You and your dog will also be one step closer to being ready for your Canine Good Citizen test by completing this course. Specifically, Intermediate Obedience class includes:

  • Distance Sit and Down Stays
  • Return to Heel Position
  • Stand for Examination
  • Heel on Leash
  • Figure Eight
  • Pacing – Slow, Medium, Fast
  • Recall and Finish

Duration:  5 weeks
Cost:  $125.00 per dog/handler

Classes have been suspended due to extenuating circumstance. Private lessons are available! Send an email to [email protected]

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