Testimonials: What People Are Saying

“Dale, Niko has been amazing!  He is like a new dog and I give you all of the credit.  Your Nikoknowledge and information you shared with us has turned him into a new dog!  He obeys commands, gives up what he is not supposed to have if he’s caught with it and no growling or snapping! He knows he’ll get a good treat if listens! He’s also been great when we have guests…he’s much less nervous and we tell everyone to let him come to them.  We can’t thank you enough for your help.  If we need you again in the future, we will be sure to be in contact.”  Andrea from Virginia Beach, VA

Ethel Cobb 2 (2)“We have an extremely hyper and intelligent Kelpie who happens to have a tendency to guard. Without Dale and her infinite wisdom and understanding, along with her ability to teach even the most dense of guardians (my husband and I knew NOTHING ) saved our relationship with our precious girl. Our outrageous pup was even in our wedding! Everyone who met her before her training couldn’t believe how well mannered she was! Just goes to show what a good teacher can accomplish!” Bailey from Smithfield, VA”

John and Sam“I thought our Lab Sam was a juvenile delinquent, but Dale came to the rescue. Within 5 minutes of meeting Sam she had him doing anything she wanted him to do. I couldn’t believe it was Sam responding to her like that. The training was 5% for Sam and 95% for me. The at-home-training worked great for us. Thanks Dale!!”  John from Chesapeake, VA

“I have a Weimaraner puppy and knew I would need help training a dog that is head strong. After looking around the area I found Dale’s website and liked the positive training methods she talked about.  I signed up for 5 private training sessions.  I believe that this was one of the best investments I could have made in my dog. After one session with Dale, I was able to handle the puppy better and I started seeing changes in her bad behavior within days.  I have now gone through 4 sessions and I am still just as happy.  I get compliments on how well behaved my puppy is and I now know how to handle puppy issues properly.  I highly recommend Dale’s  training to anyone with a dog.” Leslie from Virginia Beach, VA

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“Dale changed our lives and the lives of our dogs, Stella and Jane. We hired her for private training at our home, and it was worth every cent. She focuses on positive reinforcement (for dogs AND their “parents”!), is patient, kind and clear about purpose and process. Her knowledge of dogs and the reasons for their behaviors is extensive, which helped us not only understand what was going on with Stella and Jane but helped us understand how to change some of their troublesome behaviors and encourage new, positive ones. We’re looking forward to taking part in a group obedience class with her in the future. We’ve recommended Dale to friends, and will continue to do so. She’s terrific!”  Judi from Newport News, VA


“Taking my puppy through Dale’s class was one of the best choices I have made as a dog owner. My puppy is extremely responsive and well behaved since we started working with Dale. Her classes are very interactive, positive, and fun! She taught me that training a dog is not only fun for the dog, it’s fun for the people. Dale’s knowledge of dog behavior makes her my go-to person with any problem I may be having with my puppy. I would recommend Dale’s Dog Training Academy for anyone who needs help with their dog in any way. The time spent training your dog the right way is well worth the effort when problem behaviors are prevented, creating a happy and loving friendship that every human-dog relationship should be. Thanks to Dale I know how to handle my puppy’s naughty behaviors and stop them from happening in the future. Thanks Dale!” Andrea from Norfolk, VA  

Wylie Very Wet 101104“Dale’s Dog Training Academy is simply outstanding! Quit wasting your time trying to find a quality dog trainer. You can’t go wrong with Dale. Make the call and you’ll immediately know you made the right first step.  Dale provided a very logical, fun, and exciting approach to helping us train our 5 month old black lab. The “homework” assignments between meetings reinforced the weekly lessons and were very easy to follow and execute. We were amazed at how quickly Keema took to the training–the results were immediate. Keema loved going to training, and especially loved the social interaction with the other dogs.  Dale’s love for animals and for what she does is clearly evident by her infectious smile and commitment to excellence.” Jeff from Chesapeake, VA 

Aviary Photo_130474293287529066“We searched around for weeks trying to find a training class or trainer for our English Bulldog puppy, Chula. We looked at places such as Petsmart, as well as private trainers, but just never got a good initial feel for their methods. Then we heard about Dale, called her, and were instantly impressed with both her methods and delivery. So, we met for a few private lessons. From the instant she walked through our door, the bond between Chula and our family has only strengthened each day. We quickly learned useful methods for training our pup; methods that both Chula and we enjoyed, and all through positive reinforcement. No choke collars or Cesar Millan (Dog Whisperer) tackles or surprise tactics. Just simple hand, vocal, and treat methods that were extremely effective and efficient. We later attended her group classes and enjoyed sharing our time with other parents and their doggies. At the end of the course, every single dog that started the class was so much more obedient in just 7 weeks. Her knowledge and understanding of dogs is just plain impressive, and her effectiveness is overwhelming—it all comes from a simple love for doing what she does. We can’t wait to take the next course. We would recommend and encourage any dog family to meet and train with Dale—you’ll quickly know what we and the rest of the reviewers are talking about.”  Braulio from Chesapeake, VA 

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